Reel Nutmeg

Welcome to Reel Nutmeg, An English Country Dance Troupe
Welcome to Reel Nutmeg
Reel Nutmeg Ball May 11, 2019 

Who we are…
Reel Nutmeg a unique troupe of English Country dancers. We perform a repertoire of English Country Dance with flair and humor. Reel Nutmeg can take you from the enticing English dances of the 17th century through their evolution into Colonial dances of early America and onto Jane Austen’s beloved dances at the turn of the 18th century. 
What we are proud of…
Established in 1978, Reel Nutmeg is a dance troupe acknowledged throughout the United States for its unique and exciting choreographing of English Country Dance suites. We have had the privilege of dancing at the Smithsonian Institute of American History in Washington D.C., at the 92nd Street Y in New York City and at Faneuil Hall in Boston Massachusetts. Reel Nutmeg has also performed at Folk Festivals, historic homes/societies and for many community-based organizations in the Connecticut area. 
We published a book for our 30th Anniversary called Twiddles, Twists & Conundrums. The book is a collection of thirteen English Country dances that we have modified to delight experienced dancers. The book can be purchased through this website or Country Song and Dance Society for $8. Click here  to view two dances; "Fair and Softly" and "Lovely and Whispered." 
How you can contact and hire us…
Tailored to your organization’s interests and needs, no two performances are exactly alike. Whether historical or just for fun, we can design a unique program for your enjoyment. Performances can take place indoors or out, with or without audience participation, can be of varying lengths, and reflect particular periods of historical dance. We can provide musicians or use recorded music. Prices largely depend upon, travel distance, length of performance and live or recorded music. We are primarily available weekends and some weeknights.
Helen Davenport  and Martha Griffin are Reel Nutmeg’s directors and callers.
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For those of you who would like to view a video of the ball dances here is a link:

Reel Nutmeg performance with Musicians of the Old Post Road at Faneiul Hall in Boston.  
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